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Think Testing, Think Process

At Testiver we believe that things should be as easy and simple. We translate this into our simply defined process leading to a bug free world. The simple steps to take when you seek our services is to clearly understand your requirements and objectives. Once an internal review has been done then you can contact us through all the available means.

To ensure we deliver what we say and say what we deliver we follow the following simple procedures:

  • Analyse and understand your project requirements (Got no requirements, don’t worry we can document them for you)
  • Create test scenarios and test cases which would be available for your team to review
  • Run tests in live copy test environments
  • Raise and manage defects through its lifecycle in JIRA/HP Quality Centre
  • Close all defects and sign- off with a Test Outcome Report (TOR)

The levels of testing have a hierarchical structure which builds up from the bottom up – where higher levels assume successful and satisfactory completion of lower level tests. It is normally required for unit testing to be done before integration testing which is done before system testing and acceptance testing.

In general before testing begins, the Test Manager should compile a Master Test Plan which should contain a detailed structure of how the other test plans would be executed. It is left to the Test Manager to determine how many levels of test would be required for a given project. Hence, it is necessary for the Test Manager to have a thorough understanding of the requirements specification of the system. This enables him to avoid overlapping test levels and also avoid gaps between test levels. Some of the factors that help in deciding how many levels of tests are needed for a project include budget for the project, complexity of the project, time scope for the project and staffing.

Test Team Structure


Manages a team of test analysts


Manages all defects/bugs on very large projects


Involved in UAT & supports business testing


Analyse, create & executes tests